Cloud Backups

Cloud Backups

Your company’s files are unquestionably one of your most valuable assets, and it’s a constant cause of concern to keep them secure. So why not leave all the worry to the experts? At Unified Technicians we provide either continuous or scheduled backups — complemented by daily reports — that guarantee peace of mind. There’s simply no need to fear that your most important asset may be compromised, damaged or lost, because everything will be running exactly as it should: Smoothly.

Uniquely created to ensure security our combined hybrid cloud technology chooses where your data is stored by complying with all and any legal requirements particular to your business. This feature set is exclusive to Unified Technicians and is offered by no other comparable service.  It is this in-house expertise that has allowed us to create a package that is fully HIPAA compliant, easy to use, quick to restore and completely stable.

When emergencies occur typical backup services will take days or even weeks to get all your files back up and running. This is where Unified Technicians really stands out. Our local data-centres give us the ability to restore your data within hours — instead of days or weeks — without ever compromising the features or security provided by the big box backup companies.

Unified Technicians supports: exchange mailbox level backups, bare-metal recovery, Mac and UNIX-based systems, all Windows systems, and many more features that we readily provide.

Tailored specifically for your company, and equipped with unique operating features, we will always support your needs exactly as required.  So give us a call and give yourself peace of mind. We are always here to help, no matter the problem, no matter the time.