Managed IT Service

What are Managed IT Services?

In a nutshell, managed IT services refer to an organization’s IT services that are outsourced to an external Managed IT Services Provider. The managed service provider assumes full responsibility for the organization’s complete IT operations, including 24×7 monitoring, on-demand IT assistance, and issue resolution.

Managed IT Services vs. IT Services

One key distinction between managed IT services and conventional IT services is that the managed service provider bears accountability for delivering services to its customers, and strategic IT decisions are made deliberately by the service provider and disclosed to the clients.

Why Use Managed IT Services?

By outsourcing general administration and monitoring tasks from an in-house team to a better equipped external company, managed services assist in helping organizations enhance processes and reduce costs. Not to mention, hiring an in-house person to monitor and supervise IT systems around the clock would be prohibitively expensive.

Some of the major benefits of using managed IT services are the following:

  • Greater expertise
  • Better cost-efficiency
  • Higher degree of security
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Proactive approach to IT strategy
  • Converts most IT costs from CapEx to OpEx

Managed IT Service Provider in Toronto

Unified Technicians provides a broad range of managed IT services in Toronto that are tailored to your unique business goals. We recognize that information technology is an indispensable tool for empowering your business, which is why we pay great attention to our customers’ demands in order to fully comprehend their requirements and achieve complete business alignment, all while utilizing our own expertise.

As a managed service provider (MSP), Unified Technicians’ managed IT services enable your company to develop a consolidated and unified IT framework, allowing you to achieve economies of scale and stay ahead of the competition in your industry.

With our IT skills, we strive to deliver continuous availability to essential business processes, minimize overhead expenses, and boost efficiency as an extension of your organization.

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